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Bananas are a quick and easy source of energy. They're nature's perfect snack, whether on their own or in a smoothie.

The classic yellow banana, also known as the Cavendish banana, is the one that probably comes to mind when you think of bananas. It's loved for its mild, sweet flavor and creamy texture. Perfect for snacking, making smoothies, or topping your morning cereal.

Classic Yellow Banana

If you're looking for a bite-sized burst of sweetness, baby bananas are your go-to. These petite, finger-sized bananas are sweeter than their larger counterparts and make a fun, convenient snack for kids and adults alike.

Baby Bananas

Red bananas are a tropical delight with their crimson skin and sweet, slightly tangy flavor. They have a creamy consistency that's a bit denser than the classic yellow banana, making them an exciting alternative for your taste buds.

Red Bananas

Plantains are like the savory cousins of sweet bananas. They're starchy and less sweet, making them perfect for frying, roasting, or mashing into delicious dishes like tostones or plantain chips. It is a staple in many Caribbean and African cuisines.


Manzano bananas also known as apple bananas are a delightful blend of sweet and tart with a hint of apple flavor. They have a firmer texture, making them a fantastic addition to salads and desserts.

Manzano Bananas

Burro bananas are known for their squat, blocky shape and a tangy-sweet flavor. They're excellent for baking into bread and muffins or slicing into a fruit salad for a zesty twist.

Burro Bananas

Blue Java bananas often referred to as "ice cream bananas," have a distinct creamy texture and a flavor reminiscent of vanilla ice cream. Try freezing them for a healthy, frosty treat.

Blue Java Bananas

Lady finger bananas are slender and delicate, with a subtle sweetness and a hint of citrus. They're perfect for elegant fruit platters and make a sophisticated addition to your dessert presentations.

Lady Finger Bananas

These regal bananas, also known as "King of Bananas," are revered for their rich, complex flavor profile with notes of honey and tropical fruit. It is a true gourmet experience for banana aficionados.

Pisang Raja Bananas

Hailing from the Pacific Islands, Fe'i bananas are loved for their vibrant orange or red skin and sweet, custard-like flesh. They're often enjoyed cooked, steamed, or roasted.

Fe'i Bananas

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