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Pineapples are a taste of tropical sunshine. Their sweet and tangy flavor brightens up any dish or snack.

Named after Queen Victoria herself, this pineapple variety is the epitome of regal sweetness. With a crown of spiky leaves and a golden exterior, the Queen Victoria pineapple beckons with its royal charm. Its distinctively sweet and tangy taste, combined with a rich, juicy flesh, makes it a favorite for both snacking and gourmet dishes.

Queen Victoria Pineapple

Meet the classic smooth Cayenne pineapple – a true icon among pineapples. Renowned for its golden hue, smooth texture, and perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, it's the quintessential choice for refreshing pineapple juice and tropical cocktails. Its versatility shines in salsas, salads, and desserts too.

Smooth Cayenne Pineapple

The Red Spanish pineapple exudes vibrant elegance with its reddish-orange skin and intoxicating aroma. Beneath this captivating exterior lies a delightful burst of sweet-tart flavor. Perfectly suited for enjoying fresh or as an eye-catching addition to fruit platters, it's a visual and gustatory delight.

Red Spanish Pineapple

Indulge in nature's candy with the Sugarloaf pineapple. This unique variety boasts an elongated shape and a flavor profile that's even sweeter than its name suggests. Its low acidity and rich, sugary taste make it a beloved choice for desserts, smoothies, and tropical fruit salads.

Sugarloaf Pineapple

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the Pernambuco pineapple. Its distinctive fragrance and tantalizingly sweet flesh will whisk you away to a faraway beach. This pineapple variety shines when eaten fresh or grilled, enhancing both its flavor and your culinary experience.

Pernambuco Pineapple

The MD-2 pineapple, also known as the "Gold Extra Sweet," is the epitome of sweetness. With its golden-yellow skin and richly flavored flesh, it's a harmonious blend of sugary goodness. Enjoy it as a snack, in fruit salads, or as a centerpiece ingredient in your favorite tropical recipes.

MD-2 Pineapple

Straight from the Hawaiian Islands, the Kona Sugarloaf pineapple is a true delight. Its cone-like shape and delectable sweetness set it apart. Savor its unique tropical essence by eating it fresh or adding a taste of Hawaii to your favorite dishes.

Kona Sugarloaf Pineapple

Indulge in luxury with the Golden Diamond pineapple. Its crown of spiky leaves and bright, golden hue signal the opulence that waits within. Bite into its exceptionally sweet and juicy flesh for an unforgettable tropical experience.

Golden Diamond Pineapple

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